Our philosophy is to create engaging meeting places that provide solid ground for developing relationships between people and the environment. This philosophy characterises our business that involves development, administration, daily operation and maintenance of our properties.

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Business Village

Business Village is Norwegian Property’s own office partnership, in the historic Workshop halls in the heart of Aker Brygge.

Aker Brygge has recently undergone significant transformation and upgrading.
Industrial-historical qualities have been raised and are in exciting contrast to modern architecture and design.

The office community has recently expanded and has vacancies of various sizes.


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Aker Brygge

Did you know that Aker Brygge carries a unique story?

From an industrial port with shipyards and oil production to the Oslo people’s meeting place for nightlife and business, the district has been through an incredible journey not everyone knows today.
Aker Brygge has become an intimate and vibrant part of Oslo, with a clear quality profile, enriched by a unique and diverse offer in trade and serving.


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On the roof  of Oslo lies the district of Hasle, and on Hasle lies Vinslottet.
Vinslottet, an iconic building and landmark that used to house the Vinmonopolets bottling plant.

The historic building is remodeled, and yet again full of life.
On the ground floor you will find a grocery store, hairdressers, retail and pharmacy, as well as pleasant gathering places for young and old visitors.


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Our support center

Our support center operates as a single point of contact for all inquiries relating to tenancy. No request is too small, nor too large.

+47 480 50 300 | kundesenter@npro.no