Generous with aesthetics. Stingy on energy consumption.

GLOCAL is Norwegian Property’s investment in local initiatives that will provide a positive, global impact. GLOCAL are the commitments we have undertaken in relation to the environment around us and the community we are part of and should be a contributor in. Our definitions of environmental and social responsibility spans wide. This includes clearly defined goals for environmental saving measures, as well as high standards for aesthetic design of buildings and outdoor areas in the community.

We set high standards for our partners and suppliers. For ours customers, we shall be a good facilitator. The basis for GLOCAL is the international BREEAM standard, NVE’s energy labeling and Norwegian Property’s own self-imposed measures and targets. These are some of them:

  • Energy class A buildings, if possible. Minimum class B
  • Construction using environmentally friendly materials
  • Source separation of waste
  • Measures to reduce water consumption
  • Use of materials and technical solutions that reduce energy consumption
  • Drive local development that creates added value for society
  • Creating good access to public transportation
  • Seawater pump to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 75% at Aker Brygge