Request for extraordinary general meeting

The shareholder Geveran Trading Co. Ltd., the holder of 144,959,048 shares, representing appr. 26.4% of all shares and votes in the company, has requested that the board of directors summons an extraordinary general meeting as soon as practically possible with the following agenda:

- Election of new members of the board of directors

- Election of new members of the nomination committee

The shareholder has communicated that they intend to contact the nomination committee within shortly and suggest candidates to be nominated for election to the board of directors.

The board of directors will, according to the Norwegian Public Limited Liability Companies Act, call for an extraordinary general meeting to be held within 17 October 2014, one month after the demand was raised. The notice will be made available on the web page of Norwegian Property at the latest 21 days ahead of the extraordinary general meeting. The proposal from the Nomination Committee will be made public when completed, and if feasible within the deadlines recommended in the Norwegian Code of Practice for Corporate Governance.

Contact information to the nomination committee is available under the IR-section on the web page of Norwegian Property.